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Mold Remediation

In most situations, when it comes to remediating mold it's always best to hire a professional. However, if the area of mold growth is less than 10 square feet, then you can perform the mold remediation yourself if you wish.

The primary steps in mold remediation and abatement include the following:


  • Wear protective equipment including a P100 respirator (available at most home building supply stores) disposable gloves and goggles

  • Contain the mold spores using physical barriers such as poly sheathing either directly over the mold or separating the area from adjacent living space.

  • Set up negative pressure to insure any dislodges spores do not migrate throughout the living area. To do this run an exhaust fan blowing out of a window, or partially opened door if you have to, to blow air outside of the house. This way mold spores that are stirred up during the removal process should mostly end up outside. Also make sure you turn off any air conditioning systems in the house before you begin cleaning up the mold.

  • HEPA vacuum the entire area, walls ceilings and floors.

  • Remove the mold. All porous materials (e.g., drywall, carpet, books) that have had mold growing on them should be looked at on a case by case basis depending on how severe the mold growth is and how valuable the item is to you. Typically, these items are discarded. Non-porous and semi porous can be cleaned. After the cleanup process remove mold and moldy items, as well as the contents of the HEPA vacuum cleaner, from your home in completely sealed plastic bags. If possible do not take the plastic bags through the house but pass them directly to the outside through a window in the room or a door.

  • Clean each room one at a time, finishing the mold removal process before moving onto any other rooms with mold growth and re-sealing and repeating the process.

  • Wet wipe the entire area with an antimicrobial agent.

  • Prevent mold from returning by making sure the source of moisture has been removed.

  • HEPA vacuum the entire are one final time.

  • Moldy upholstered items typically cannot be cleaned and should be discarded.

  • Clothing can be laundered.