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Asbestos Information


Approximately 90 percent of the asbestos used commercially in the world is chrysotile. Its fibers are curly and longer than other asbestos types. Supporters of asbestos have argued that chrysotile isn't as toxic as other asbestos types, yet scientific studies confirm that it causes the same diseases and is extremely hazardous to human health.


Considered more toxic than chrysotile, amosite asbestos is primarily sourced in South Africa. It often appears brown in color and its fibers are shorter and straighter than chrysotile fibers. Amosite was most commonly used in construction products.


This form of asbestos was used less commonly than other types of asbestos because it isn't as resistant to heat. Commonly called blue asbestos, crocidolite's fibers are extremely thin and can thus penetrate human tissues easily. It is considered the most harmful type of asbestos.

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